Career Services

Blue Heron Academy is committed to the success of each student and graduate.  By working as partners, BHA assists graduates to realize their professional goals.  Although BHA cannot guarantee placement, BHA Career Services will assist you in a variety of ways, including:

  • Assisting you with board certification and state licensing.
  • Providing business development training and job search assistance.
  • Assessment of professional appearance, resume and business cards.
  • Interview preparation, guidelines and follow-up.
  • Evaluating your professional image as presented in your portfolio.
  • Providing information regarding your options in the massage therapy and natural healthcare fields.
  • Exposure to diverse business environments where you can network with potential clients and employers.
  • Work in the technical clinic, which will show you how to gain confidence working with the public.

Change Your Life - Be Your Own Boss

Massage therapy is one of the fastest developing healthcare professions in the country, gaining the respect and acceptance of medical and related professions across the country.  Recognized for its therapeutic effects, it is rapidly being incorporated into western medicine and health treatments.

The field of massage therapy is opening the doors of opportunity to members of the profession. Therapists with comprehensive training are applying their skills to assist clients in managing stress, maintaining wellness and recovering from injuries.

Massage therapy offers the opportunity for an independent flexible career, working as part of a healthcare or wellness organization, or in your own private practice.  Imagine having a rewarding career which helps people feel better and one that has a very good earning potential.

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