Become a Certified Massage Therapist in Six Months!

You Learn What Works
Our Massage Therapy Program is hands-on.  This program combines training in medical massage therapy with knowledge of the structure, function and movement of the human body, musculoskeletal disorders, massage theory, techniques, and treatment, the kinds, types, and forms of massage therapy that compose medical massage, hydrotherapy and therapeutic modalities, hygiene and infection control, business, ethics, massage laws, clinical practice and studies, and professional practices. These subjects and topics are all part of the knowledge and skills taught in this massage training program.

  • Join a renowned, competency-based certified medical massage academy.
  • Master the basics:  body physiology, mechanics of body motion and posture.
  • Get advanced training: nature / psychology of pain, pain and stress management.
  • Learn therapeutic modalities:  heat, cold, water, herbs, vibration, percussion, lasers, and medicated oils.
  • Broaden your horizons:  acquire communication and counseling skills, train in a clinical practice.
  • As a certified graduate, use your prestigious designation:  *C.M.T. Technician*
  • Start your new career in one of the world's fastest growing healthcare fields today.

Why Choose Blue Heron Academy?

  • Low-cost, fast-track state licensed educational programs.
  • Train while you keep your present job.  Day and evening classes with flexible formats.
  • Financial Assistance: Many options and experienced staff to assist you.
  • Competency-based education.  Breadth and depth of subject matter.
  • Small Class Size:  At Blue Heron Academy, you won't get lost in the crowd!  Our class sizes are small so you can get the personalized attention you deserve.
  • Quality instruction from licensed practitioners.  Train in a clinical practice.
  • Career Placement:   Experienced staff will help you find a job upon graduation.
  • Extensive hands-on training.  Learn by doing, and learn what works.
  • Licensed by the Michigan Office of Secondary Education.  Affiliation with hospitals and colleges.
  • Join thousands of successful graduates who have trained with us since 1980.

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