eLearning Refund Policy & Registration Form

All eLearning programs must be paid for in full prior to receiving any eLearning programs and materials. This includes SLM or any other funding programs whose monies must be received prior to shipping material. Once a program is paid for in full all program information and materials will be provided to the student. At the time the program and materials are received by the student there is no refund allowed nor will money be sent back to a loaning or granting institution.

By completing and submitting this form, I accept the eLearning No Refund policy terms and conditions.

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   Nutrition & Weight Management
   Personal Trainer - Fitness Instructor
   Holistic Health Practitioner
   Holistic Health Consultant
   Herbal Medicine Program
   Complementary and Alternative Medicine
   Lymphedema Program
   Clinical Massage Therapy Sciences
   Practical Acupuncture
   Yoga Teacher Certification
   Acupressure & Massage
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   By clicking the "Submit Registration Form" button, I accept the eLearning No Refund Policy as described above.


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