blue heron academy
blue heron academy
Become a Certified Massage Therapist in Six Months!

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Our Massage Therapy Program is hands-on.  This program combines training in medical massage therapy with knowledge of the structure, function and movement of the human body, musculoskeletal disorders, massage theory, techniques, and treatment, the kinds, types, and forms of massage therapy that compose medical massage, hydrotherapy and therapeutic modalities, hygiene and infection control, business, ethics, massage laws, clinical practice and studies, and professional practices.  These subjects and topics are all part of the knowledge and skills taught in this massage training program.

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blue heron academy
blue heron academy
Join a renowned, competency-based certified medical massage academy.
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  This school is one of a kind.  Very knowledgeable and motivated teachers, my clients greatly appreciate the massage techniques I learned.    Tami Miles

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  Great school with excellent instructors. Very happy with my massage training.   Terry Heffron

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